www.ChocolatesFunStore.com | List of Products http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ Current product information from www.ChocolatesFunStore.com en-US Copyright 2017 ChocolatesFunStore.com Sat, 18 Nov 2017 05:44:00 -0600 LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 - Premium Neon Green and Black Zebra Stripes Design Snap-On Cover Hard Case Cell Phone Protector + Rapid Car Charger + USB Data Charge Sync Cable for LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575-premium-neon-green-and-black-zebra-stripes-design-snap-on-cover-hard-case-cell-phone-protector-rapid-car-charger-usb-data-charge-sync-cable-for-lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575.html SNAP ON NON RUB - This extremely durable, hard plastic case is crafted to fit the LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 perfectly.The unique plastic material prevents scratches, dents, chips, and dirt from accumulating on your LG Chocolate Touch VX8575. This excellent case also gives your phone the individual styling you've been looking for! All of the LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 docks, buttons and speakers were precisely cut-out to give you full control over all that your great LG Chocolate Touch VX8575. CAR CHARGER - The LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 car charger plugs into any 12V cigarette lighter socket. Our premium LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 car charger will effeciently charge your phone and provides unlimited talk time while in the car. Features an enhanced internal circuitry chip to manage charging status as well as an integrated electrical fuse to prevent damage to your LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 and it's battery from over and under-charging. USB CABLE - Utilize an extra LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 USB Cable for both charging and syncing your LG Chocolate Touch VX8575. Easily travel with this non-bulky 3 ft. USB Cable for your LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 and avoid unneccessary docks and cradles. The LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 USB Cable offers a unique dual charge and sync functionality. *****Our Premium Quality products are professionally packaged and shipped directly from our Accessory Export warehouse. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575-premium-neon-green-and-black-zebra-stripes-design-snap-on-cover-hard-case-cell-phone-protector-rapid-car-charger-usb-data-charge-sync-cable-for-lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575.html Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Ballet Suite http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tchaikovsky-the-nutcracker-ballet-suite.html Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Ballet Suite http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tchaikovsky-the-nutcracker-ballet-suite.html Professional Kingston MicroSDHC 4GB (4 Gigabyte) Card for LG CHOCOLATE MINT with custom formatting and SD Adapter. (SDHC Class 4 Certified) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/professional-kingston-microsdhc-4gb-4-gigabyte-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-with-custom-formatting-and-sd-adapter.html This Kingston MicroSD card is specifically designed for the Fujitsu-Siemens F903i http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/professional-kingston-microsdhc-4gb-4-gigabyte-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-with-custom-formatting-and-sd-adapter.html BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original - Chocolate Brown http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/babybj-rn-baby-carrier-original-chocolate-brown.html The classic original from Baby Bjorn. In our famous Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier your child is safe and close to you, while your hands are free. The Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier is a comfortable and easy-to-use baby carrier ideally designed for use during everyday activities, both indoors and out. <p> Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier provides excellent support for your baby?s back and head and guarantees that his/her legs and arms are in a physiologically correct position. When your baby is a little older and has a stronger neck, the neck-rest can be folded down so that the child can face forwards and look around. <p> <b>Features:</b><ul> <li>Seat is adjustable for comfort</li> <li>Holds baby close while providing comfort</li> <li>Undo lower portion to remove baby easily</li> <li>Babies can either face in or out</li><li>Contoured padded straps for comfort</li> <li>Made of 100% cotton</li> <li>Machine wash separately (40-C) with gentle, bleach-free detergent</li> <li>From newborn (at least 8 lbs. and 21") up to 22 lbs.</li></ul> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/babybj-rn-baby-carrier-original-chocolate-brown.html CK Products 1-1/2-Inch Paw Print Chocolate Mold http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ck-products-1-1-2-inch-paw-print-chocolate-mold.html Each paw piece is 1-1/2-inch by 1-1/2-inch by -1/4-inch with 11 cavities per mold. This mold makes approximately 60 pieces per pound of chocolate. Do not use for hard candy or other hot ingredients. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ck-products-1-1-2-inch-paw-print-chocolate-mold.html MASK LOLLY Miscellaneous Candy Mold Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/mask-lolly-miscellaneous-candy-mold-chocolate.html This is a first quality, tough plastic mold. It is durable and reusable. It is not machine washable. Suitable for chocolate and soap making as well as plaster and concrete crafting. FDA approved. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/mask-lolly-miscellaneous-candy-mold-chocolate.html Fiskars Ariana Planter 8.7"w X 6.7"h X 8.7"d Chocolate Color http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fiskars-ariana-planter-8-7-w-x-6-7-h-x-8.html Features an internal drainagebed to trap excess water whichstops root rot before itstarts http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fiskars-ariana-planter-8-7-w-x-6-7-h-x-8.html Tillman 2480A-XL Chocolate Brown Leather Jacket - XL http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tillman-2480a-xl-chocolate-brown-leather-jacket-xl.html - Underarm gusset for easier movement.- Sewn with Kevlar thread. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tillman-2480a-xl-chocolate-brown-leather-jacket-xl.html Cellet MicroSD 4GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE 3 III Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-4gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-3-iii-phone-with-sd-adapter.html Cellet MicroSD 4GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE 3 III Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-4gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-3-iii-phone-with-sd-adapter.html Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment: Getting to Ecstasy Through Wine, Chocolate and Your iPod Playlist http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/yeah-dave-s-guide-to-livin-the-moment-getting-to-ecstasy-through-wine-chocolate-and-your-ipod-playlist.html <p>Yeah Dave Romanelli puts chocolate, wine, and excellent tunes right on the path to enlightenment. What's not to love?</p><p>David Yeah Dave Romanelli is kinda hip, kinda goofy, and occasionally really outrageous, an unlikely guru who is reinventing the quest for enlightenment. For Yeah Dave, the path to ecstasy doesn't require any previous experience with yoga, meditation, or wellness. He shows us how to find transcendence through everyday pleasures, like admiring the sunset or rocking out to your favorite band. There is a place where the chocolate tastes sweeter, the music sounds better, the inspiration feels richer, and the visions look clearer, writes Dave. That place is the Moment.<br><br>Yeah Daves Guide to Livin the Moment offers an alternative to the crazy, over-stimulating, distracted world we live in today, a world in which we watch the news while eating, eye our email while conversing, and forget to notice the full moon while texting. On our mission for speed, movement, and stimulation, we risk missing our life. Yeah Daves book gives us our life back, one beautiful, delicious, and funny moment at a time.<br><br>Yeah Daves Guide will make you laugh out loud while taking you someplace totally unexpected. Through hilarious vignettes about his dorky moves on the dance floor, his Crackberry addiction, and his tryst with Hot Horny Married Woman, he shares fresh and unforgettable wisdom. Without dogma or anything too out there, Dave makes you want to slow down the blur of modern life and find the full flavor, power, and passion that can only be found in the Moment.</p> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/yeah-dave-s-guide-to-livin-the-moment-getting-to-ecstasy-through-wine-chocolate-and-your-ipod-playlist.html Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Favorite Excerpts from the Original Soundtrack Recording) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tchaikovsky-nutcracker-favorite-excerpts-from-the-original-soundtrack-recording.html Excerpts from the Nutcracker Suite. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tchaikovsky-nutcracker-favorite-excerpts-from-the-original-soundtrack-recording.html Chocolate CustomFit Djembe Case by Freedom Drums-24" x 14" (XL) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-customfit-djembe-case-by-freedom-drums-24-x-14-xl.html The Chocolate CustomFit Djembe Case features Freedom's patented elastic system at the neck, which allows the case to stretch to fit any djembe's neck and those of various other types of hand drums. They feature two zippers as well as adjustable backpack straps with a velcro pocket on the front. Each bag is quilted nylon on the interior to protect against moisture. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-customfit-djembe-case-by-freedom-drums-24-x-14-xl.html Milk Chocolate M&M's Pillow Plush http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/milk-chocolate-m-m-s-pillow-plush.html Milk Chocolate M&M's Pillow Plush. From the Candy Pillow Collection. This colorful and soft plush pillow features an embroidered appliqu of the Milk Chocolate M&M's label. Fun room decor, comfy study companion, and great for sleepovers. Also makes a wonderful gift. Officially licensed product. Made of 100% polyester fiber. Measures 24" wide x 14" tall. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/milk-chocolate-m-m-s-pillow-plush.html Cellet MicroSD 2GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE MINT Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-2gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-phone-with-sd-adapter.html Cellet MicroSD 2GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE MINT Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-2gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-phone-with-sd-adapter.html Protec A751CH Large Padded Neoprene Pouch with Removable Wrist Strap (Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/protec-a751ch-large-padded-neoprene-pouch-with-removable-wrist-strap-chocolate.html Protec padded neoprene pods offer sleek protection for digital cameras, mp3 players, iphone, itouch, cell phones, GPS systems, PDAs, and other small gadgets. Each padded neoprene pod features a non-abrasive lining, a removable wrist strap, and a zipper that will not make contact with the contents. The interior of the small pod measures 4.25 x 2.75 x 1-Inch and the interior of the larger pod measures 5 x 3.25 x 1-Inch. Available colors are black, navy blue, red, pink, chocolate, and green tea. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/protec-a751ch-large-padded-neoprene-pouch-with-removable-wrist-strap-chocolate.html CaseCrown Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag (Chocolate Brown) Gateway LT2022u 10.1-Inch Black Netbook http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/casecrown-vertical-multi-pocket-messenger-bag-chocolate-brown-gateway-lt2022u-10.html The Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag is the perfect protection for your laptop. It has many pockets to accommodate laptop and other needs. The laptop compartment has excellent padding to protect your laptop from unwanted damages and velcro closure to secure it. Perfect use for professionals and students! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/casecrown-vertical-multi-pocket-messenger-bag-chocolate-brown-gateway-lt2022u-10.html Augustus Gloop (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Conductor Score & Parts http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/augustus-gloop-from-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-conductor-score-parts.html If you saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you will remember this catchy tune. Perfect as a production number or "stands" chart, this is a great chart by a great writer! (1:39) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/augustus-gloop-from-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-conductor-score-parts.html Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolatiere-electric-chocolate-melting-pot.html Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot Is perfect for chocolate fondue, making chocolate molds, or deserts http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolatiere-electric-chocolate-melting-pot.html Xonex Island Pen, Pink with Chocolate Dots, Black Ball Point, 5 Inch, 1 Count (10678) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/xonex-island-pen-pink-with-chocolate-dots-black-ball-point-5-inch-1-count-10678.html Chocolate dot design on twist style black ball point pen. Parker style refill. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/xonex-island-pen-pink-with-chocolate-dots-black-ball-point-5-inch-1-count-10678.html Shaker Cottage Storage Bench in Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/shaker-cottage-storage-bench-in-chocolate.html ASCA05CL Features: -Storage bench. -Shaker Cottage collection. -Chocolate finish. -Composite wood construction. -Two enclosed storage areas with doors. -Easy to assemble and sturdy. -General conformity certificate. -Assembly required. -Manufacturer provides 22 years warranty and 1 year guarantee against manufacturing related issues. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/shaker-cottage-storage-bench-in-chocolate.html Belkin Leather Sleeve Case for iPod touch 1G (Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/belkin-leather-sleeve-case-for-ipod-touch-1g-chocolate.html BELKIN LEATHER SLEEVE FOR IPOD TOUCH - Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/belkin-leather-sleeve-case-for-ipod-touch-1g-chocolate.html Luxurious Shell Pearl Majorca Necklace Chocolate Tone 14mm 18" Single Strand with Earrings Bucasi http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/luxurious-shell-pearl-majorca-necklace-chocolate-tone-14mm-18-single-strand-with-earrings-bucasi.html Update your look with this lustrous strand of warm chocolate brown pearls and matching dangle earrings. This gorgeous necklace set is a recent addition to our pearl collection and is sure to be a favorite. The unique Majorca seashell pearl is perfectly round in size 14mm diameter, 18" inches length with perfect luster. The necklace is affixed with a clasp encrusted with sparkling swarski CZ diamonds. The ornate clasp adds to the overall beauty of the necklace. Majorca Seashell Pearls are one type of simulated Pearls. The Majorca Pearl is made of sea shell raw material base which is then coated, polished and shaped. In order to produce a good quality Majorca pearl, a key ingredient is mother of pearl bead base. This element adds weight, value and durability to the Majorca pearl. The Majorca seashell pearl has the same weight, look and feel as those of South Sea Pearls but at an affordable price. The seashell pearl will always keep its shine and color and will not be affected by perspiration, perfume or other detergents. The best part of owning Majorca seashell pearl is that you are able to choose between different colors and shapes that suit your taste best. The necklace and earrings are lead free and nickel free. Presented in gift box. Exclusively from Bucasi. Great Gift. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/luxurious-shell-pearl-majorca-necklace-chocolate-tone-14mm-18-single-strand-with-earrings-bucasi.html Summer Infant Snuzzler Velboa for Head and Body Support, Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/summer-infant-snuzzler-velboa-for-head-and-body-support-chocolate.html The award-winning Snuzzler provides the ideal support for baby's back and head, adjusting upward as baby grows. The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Snuzzler transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/summer-infant-snuzzler-velboa-for-head-and-body-support-chocolate.html Westcott Photo Basics 5' x 8' 587 Background (Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/westcott-photo-basics-5-x-8-587-background-chocolate.html All Photo Basics Backgrounds are constructed of 100% cotton muslin and contain grommets along the four sides as well as a 6" pole pocket. Each background is computer printed to perfection to insure the exact color and quality you'd expect. They are lightweight, easy to manage and machine washable. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/westcott-photo-basics-5-x-8-587-background-chocolate.html Corazonas Oatmeal Squares, Chocolate Brownie & Almond, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/corazonas-oatmeal-squares-chocolate-brownie-almond-1.html We are a small company of real people with a hearty appetite and appreciation for life, driven to create delicious, heart healthy snacks.Many of us have been personally touched by heart disease and have made it our mission to spread our conviction that you CAN eat your heart-healthy snack and have it taste great too! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/corazonas-oatmeal-squares-chocolate-brownie-almond-1.html Perfect Petzzz Chocolate Lab http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/perfect-petzzz-chocolate-lab.html Perfect Petzzz Chocolate Lab. Perfect Petzzz offers the ideal alternative to pet ownership. Say goodbye to feedings and vet bills. Say hello to lots of love and cuddles. Each pet comes with its own bed, collar, adoption certificate, and carrier. With one 'D' Alkaline battery, the pet will breathe for 3 - 4 months. With two D Alkaline batteries, it will breathe for 7 - 10 months. Each pet is handcrafted in 100% synthetic materials. 5.20 inches tall x 8.00 inches long x 11.00 inches wide http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/perfect-petzzz-chocolate-lab.html Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Widescreen Edition) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-widescreen-edition.html Fantasy Adventure. Acclaimed director Tim Burton brings his vividly imaginative style to the beloved Roald Dahl classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka (Depp) and Charlie, a good-hearted boy from a poor family who lives in the shadow of Wonka's extraordinary factory. Long isolated from his own family, Wonka launches a worldwide contest to select an heir to his candy empire. Five lucky children, including Charlie, draw golden tickets from Wonka chocolate bars and win a guided tour of the legendary candy-making facility that no outsider has seen in 15 years. Dazzled by one amazing sight after another, Charlie is drawn into Wonka's fantastic world in this astonishing andenduring story. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-widescreen-edition.html Men's Merrell Shiver Moc http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/men-s-merrell-shiver-moc.html UPPER/LINING " Strobel construction offers flexibility and comfort " Full grain leather upper " Elastic stretch band for easy on and off " Polartec lining treated Aegis antimicrobial solution " EVA Removable Footbed MIDSOLE/OUTSOLE " Compression molded EVA footframe provides cushioning " Vibram Thermo Multi-Sport Sole/Trek Rubber " Weight: 14 ozs. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/men-s-merrell-shiver-moc.html Lindt Lindor Truffles White Chocolate, 60-Count Box http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lindt-lindor-truffles-white-chocolate-60-count-box.html Inspired by our secret recipe, our Master Chocolatiers have created a chocolate masterpiece: Lindor Truffles. This delicious Lindt Chocolate Shell enrobes an irresistibly smooth filling. Once you break the shell the filling will start to melt, and so will you. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lindt-lindor-truffles-white-chocolate-60-count-box.html Sterling Silver 5 Pair Multi Color Freshwater Pearl White, Peacock, Pink, Grey, Chocolate Stud Earring Set http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/sterling-silver-5-pair-multi-color-freshwater-pearl-white-peacock-pink-grey-chocolate-stud-earring-set.html A Breathtaking Color Combination! Genuine Freshwater Chocolate, Peacock, Pink, White, and Grey Pearl Stud Earrings radiate from stylish sterling silver studs. They will add a heavenly glow to any outfit with their beauty and shine! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/sterling-silver-5-pair-multi-color-freshwater-pearl-white-peacock-pink-grey-chocolate-stud-earring-set.html LightWedge Original LED Book Light, Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lightwedge-original-led-book-light-chocolate.html The LightWedge Original is a revolutionary new book light for nighttime reading. The patented LightWedge technology puts all the light only on the page you are reading, with no light escaping to bother someone trying to sleep next to you. This larger-sized LightWedge Original is perfect for hardcover books and large paperbacks. Whether reading in bed, reading on a plane, or reading in a car, this book light is the perfect accessory for all readers and travelers. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lightwedge-original-led-book-light-chocolate.html PURPLE ROSE SNAP ON HARD SKIN FACEPLATE PHONE SHIELD COVER CASE FOR LG CHOCOLATE TOUCH VX8575 + BELT CLIP http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/purple-rose-snap-on-hard-skin-faceplate-phone-shield-cover-case-for-lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575-belt-clip.html Protect your wireless device with our premium crystal cases. This accessory provides protection by preventing the device from dust and unnecessary scratches. It is made to fit perfect and gives the device its maximum protection. The hard plastic is reinforced from the front edges, sides and back to prolong the life of the case. Besides its protection, it also has openings precisely made for the top and side buttons, charger port/dock connector, headset jack and speaker which allows you full access to all the functions on your device. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/purple-rose-snap-on-hard-skin-faceplate-phone-shield-cover-case-for-lg-chocolate-touch-vx8575-belt-clip.html Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-chocolate-factory-vhs.html Having proven itself as a favorite film of children around the world, <I>Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory</I> is every bit as entertaining now as it was when originally released in 1971. There's a timeless appeal to Roald Dahl's classic children's novel, which was playfully preserved in this charming musical, from the colorful carnival-like splendor of its production design to the infectious melody of the "Oompah-Loompah" songs that punctuate the story. Who can forget those diminutive Oompah-Loompah workers who recite rhyming parental warnings ("Oompah-Loompah, doopity do...") whenever some mischievous child has disobeyed Willy Wonka's orders to remain orderly? Oh, but we're getting ahead of ourselves ... it's really the story of the impoverished Charlie Bucket, who, along with four other kids and their parental guests, wins a coveted golden ticket to enter the fantastic realm of Wonka's mysterious confectionery. After the other kids have proven themselves to be irresponsible brats, it's Charlie who impresses Wonka and wins a reward beyond his wildest dreams. But before that, the tour of Wonka's factory provides a dazzling parade of delights, and with Gene Wilder giving a brilliant performance as the eccentric candyman, <I>Wonka</I> gains an edge of menace and madness that nicely counterbalances the movie's sentimental sweetness. It's that willingness to risk a darker tone--to show that even a wonderland like Wonka's can be a weird and dangerous place if you're a bad kid--that makes this an enduring family classic. <I>--Jeff Shannon</I> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-chocolate-factory-vhs.html The Wizard of Oz [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/the-wizard-of-oz-vhs.html The Wizard of Oz [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/the-wizard-of-oz-vhs.html Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Selections from Conductor Score & Parts http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-selections-from-conductor-score-parts.html Victor Lopez has crafted this exemplary arrangement of tunes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. With all the exuberance of the original Danny Elfman blockbuster film score, the arrangement contains, "Main Title," "Wonka's Welcome Song" and "Augustus http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-selections-from-conductor-score-parts.html crocs Men's Cove Slip-On Deck Shoe, Lacing On Top, Side Vents Croslite http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/crocs-men-s-cove-slip-on-deck-shoe-lacing-on-top-side-vents-croslite.html The Cove is a lightweight, casual boating shoe that features a water-resistant leather upper with stain guard, vented portal sides for the water to drain, classic Crocs croslite material footbed, and a non-marking croslite material outsole. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/crocs-men-s-cove-slip-on-deck-shoe-lacing-on-top-side-vents-croslite.html Fits Philip Stein size 1 18mm Dark Chocolate Brown Alligator Grain Leather Watchband With Spring Bars By JP Leatherworks http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fits-philip-stein-size-1-18mm-dark-chocolate-brown-alligator-grain-leather-watchband-with-spring-bars-by-jp-leatherworks.html These fine alligator grainleather watch strapsarecustom made to be a perfect fit on all Philip Stein "size 1"small watches. They are superb quality and reasonably priced, so Philip Stein owners can expand their color wardrobe and have some fun. Includes built in easy-change spring bars. No tools are needed to change straps. Made by J.P. Leatherworks exclusively for The Watchband Store. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fits-philip-stein-size-1-18mm-dark-chocolate-brown-alligator-grain-leather-watchband-with-spring-bars-by-jp-leatherworks.html 2GB Chocolate Donut USB Drive - Great Gift! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/2gb-chocolate-donut-usb-drive-great-gift.html Why carry around dull and boring USB Drives? Use the Chocolate Donut USB drive and be the envy of all your friends (okay, some of your friends!). http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/2gb-chocolate-donut-usb-drive-great-gift.html Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Oats 'n Dark Chocolate, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nature-valley-crunchy-granola-bars-oats-n-dark-chocolate-12-count-boxes-pack-of-6.html Nature Valley Oats 'n Dark Chocolate Crunchy Granola Bars mix together dark chocolate pieces, oats, and crisp rice nuggets. The bars are full of classic crunch and whole grain goodness, making them a perfect natural snack that's high in fiber and protein but low in saturated fat. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nature-valley-crunchy-granola-bars-oats-n-dark-chocolate-12-count-boxes-pack-of-6.html More Chocolate Candy http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/more-chocolate-candy.html More Chocolate Candy http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/more-chocolate-candy.html Ms. Chocolate [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ms.html Ms. Chocolate [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ms.html Hot Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hot-chocolate.html Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the British R&B/Soul band's 1975 sophomore album including six bonus tracks. Making it's debut on CD, this self-titled album reached #34 in the UK and #41 in the U.S. and includes the massive worldwide hit single 'You Sexy Thing' plus 'A Childs Prayer' and 'Cheri Babe'. Booklet contains original LP artwork plus loads of rare picture sleeves. 7Ts. 2009. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hot-chocolate.html Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Pure Imagination http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-pure-imagination.html Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Pure Imagination http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-pure-imagination.html DELON Intense Moisturizing White Chocolate Body Butter 6.9oz/196g http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/delon-intense-moisturizing-white-chocolate-body-butter-6.html Indulge your senses while softening your skin with this quick-absorbing and non-greasy body butter. Long lasting moisture, leaves skin silky soft and protected. It is free from animal ingredients. Not animal tested. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/delon-intense-moisturizing-white-chocolate-body-butter-6.html Freedom Drums Smooth Chocolate Doumbek http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/freedom-drums-smooth-chocolate-doumbek.html The Smooth Chocolate Fiberglass Series Doumbek measures 17" x 8" and has a smooth-finished durable body and geometric line pattern ink-printed onto the mylar head that is immune to weather changes. These amazing hand drums pack a real punch for the price, with smooth sustained bass uncharacteristic of other hand drums and doumbeks. They make a wonderful addition to any hand drum circle or percussion gig. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/freedom-drums-smooth-chocolate-doumbek.html 47" Hokkaido Japanese Design Floor Lamp - Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/47-hokkaido-japanese-design-floor-lamp-chocolate.html A unique design Japanese lantern style floor lamp, offered in 5 beautiful finishes, with built in electric wiring instead of candle light. The amber colored shade casts a soft warm light throughout the room, creating a sense of serenity and coziness. A great way to light up a dark corner, and add an attractive Japanese design element to the room decor. Part of wide selection of classic and modern Japanese design shoji lantern table lamps, floor lamps, and hanging ceiling lanterns, as well as lantern lit end tables, nightstands, and coffee tables. Browse our entire selection of Japanese & Chinese lanterns and oriental lamps, as well as beautiful furnishings, wall art, statues, natural rugs and tatami mats, bedding, window treatments, and one of the web's largest selections of Japanese, Chinese, American & European style folding screens and room dividers, and unique gift ideas, on Amazon.com. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/47-hokkaido-japanese-design-floor-lamp-chocolate.html Private Drive Sign in Chocolate Brown with Light Tan Copy http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/private-drive-sign-in-chocolate-brown-with-light-tan-copy.html The Original Property Postings - twelve (12) different signs measuring 3 1/4" x 12" of powder-coated steel for a durable and elegant finish. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/private-drive-sign-in-chocolate-brown-with-light-tan-copy.html Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman, Cognac/Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/stork-craft-tuscany-glider-and-ottoman-cognac-chocolate.html 06550-54C The Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman set offers gentle motion while feeding your baby in those early morning hours. Featuring a solid construction with a magical sleigh design, this is a royal centerpiece for your nursery.The enclosed metal ball-bearings allow for an incredibly smooth motion to glide your baby back to sleep. Micro fiber spot-cleanable cushions ease the worry about spills, while the construction offers an exquisite finish you'll appreciate far beyond the baby years. This glider and ottoman set is offered in a variety of finishes to match your other Stork Craft Nursery products but will transition easily into any room of your home. It s easy to keep your Stork Craft piece in perfect condition as the luxurious polyester micro fibre blend fabric is spot cleanable. Add a Tuscany stages crib, changing table, chest or dresser to create your royal nursery look. All Stork Craft products feature a one year limited warranty and meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian standards. Features: -Meets or exceeds U.S. and Canadian safety standards. -Coordinates perfectly with the Tuscany Stages Crib, Dressing table, chest and dresser . -Offered in a variety of elegant colors that will be admired throughout the years. -Enclosed metal ball bearings for smooth glide and locking mechanism . -Constructed of solid wood and wood products . -Comfortable padded arms with arm pockets for books, magazines or remotes . -Plush polyester micro fibre blend, spot cleanable back and seat cushions . -This is the ultimate glider and ottoman combination for any room in your house. -Easy to assemble into a beautiful glider for your nursery . -Comes with a one year manufacturer s limited warranty for parts . http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/stork-craft-tuscany-glider-and-ottoman-cognac-chocolate.html Monkeys Are Made Of Chocolate: Exotic And Unseen Costa Rica http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/monkeys-are-made-of-chocolate-exotic-and-unseen-costa-rica.html Discover the mysterious and fascinating ways in which animals and plantsand peopleinteract with one another in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Author and naturalist Jack Ewing shares a wealth of observations and experiences, gathered from more than three decades of living in southwestern Costa Rica, home to some of the most prolific and diverse ecosystems on Earth. More than just a simple collection of essays, Monkeys are Made of Chocolate is a testament to the wonder of life in all its countless guises, as seen through the eyes of a man with a gift for subtle discernment and a natural flair for storytelling. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/monkeys-are-made-of-chocolate-exotic-and-unseen-costa-rica.html Chocolate CustomFit Djembe Case by Freedom Drums-26" x 16" (XXL) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-customfit-djembe-case-by-freedom-drums-26-x-16-xxl.html The Chocolate CustomFit Djembe Case features Freedom's patented elastic system at the neck, which allows the case to stretch to fit any djembe's neck and those of various other types of hand drums. They feature two zippers as well as adjustable backpack straps with a velcro pocket on the front. Each bag is quilted nylon on the interior to protect against moisture. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-customfit-djembe-case-by-freedom-drums-26-x-16-xxl.html umi Infant/Toddler Sail Shoe,Chocolate/Navy,18 EU (US Infant 3.5 M) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/navy-18-eu-us-infant-3.html Handsome is as handsome does. Hand crafted leather is lightweight and breathable with pops of color. Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off. Cushioned footbed for protection. Non-slip grip pads on the outsole. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/navy-18-eu-us-infant-3.html Cellet MicroSD 4GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE MINT Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-4gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-phone-with-sd-adapter.html Cellet MicroSD 4GB Memory Card for LG CHOCOLATE MINT Phone with SD Adapter. (Lifetime Warranty) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cellet-microsd-4gb-memory-card-for-lg-chocolate-mint-phone-with-sd-adapter.html BEARPAW Women's Emma 8" Shearling Boot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bearpaw-women-s-emma-8-shearling-boot.html Bearpaw Footwear is made for comfort with contemporary style. Our footwear is made from quality materials that provide an organic beauty that's wearable year round. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bearpaw-women-s-emma-8-shearling-boot.html Westcott Photo Basics 10' x 10' 117 Background (Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/westcott-photo-basics-10-x-10-117-background-chocolate.html All Photo Basics Backgrounds are constructed of 100% cotton muslin and contain grommets along the four sides as well as a 6" pole pocket. Each background is computer printed to perfection to insure the exact color and quality you'd expect. They are lightweight, easy to manage and machine washable. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/westcott-photo-basics-10-x-10-117-background-chocolate.html Haflinger Classic Grizzly Bavarian Trim Clog http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/haflinger-classic-grizzly-bavarian-trim-clog.html ############################################################################################################################################################################################################################################################### http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/haflinger-classic-grizzly-bavarian-trim-clog.html CK Products Leaves Assortment Chocolate Mold http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ck-products-leaves-assortment-chocolate-mold.html CK Products chocolate molds are first quality, plastic molds. They are durable and reusable. not machine washable. Our chocolate molds are suitable for chocolate, soap making, butter molding, ice-cubes, plaster and concrete crafting. These molds are FDA approved http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ck-products-leaves-assortment-chocolate-mold.html "H" Chocolate Elegance Monogram Mini Flag http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/h-chocolate-elegance-monogram-mini-flag.html Chocolate Elegance Monogram Letter "H" heat sublimated (printed) mini garden flag. Finely detailed artwork from top artists printed on durable, weather-resistant fabric. Original full color monogram is legible on one side only and not embroidered. Premium flag measures 12" x 18" made of polyester with a 1" pole sleeve for hanging. Flag fits on a standard garden flag pole. Flag is washable and can be ironed. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/h-chocolate-elegance-monogram-mini-flag.html Hi-Tec Men's Altitude IV Hiking Boot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-altitude-iv-hiking-boot.html 41100-Dark Chocolate-7M Size: 7, Width: M (Standard) Specialty Sizes Available! Men's Sport Shoes by Hi-Tec Be ready for anything in the hiking boot from Hi-Tec. It is a great way to get the whole family together out on the trail--with matching shoes! Features: -Men's Altitude IV Waterproof in Dark Chocolate. -Part of the Light Hiking collection. -Waterproof seam sealed nubuck leather upper. -Soft padded leather collar. -Fully gusseted leather tongue. -Rustproof brass hardware. -Board lasted with steel shank for added rigidity. -Lightweight compression-molded Eva midsole. -Durable carbon rubber hiking outsole. -Comfort-Tec contoured sock liner. -Available in Dark Chocolate (41100). Specifications http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-altitude-iv-hiking-boot.html Chocolate! 2-Part http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-2-part.html You'll go loco over cocoa as each rock-styled lyric shows a new raving for your craving! Ideal for all ages. Available <br /><br />Songs: Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-2-part.html Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares, 9.83-Ounce Tote (Pack of 3) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ghirardelli-chocolate-squares-9.html Contains: Milk w/Caramel, Dark Mint, 60% Cacao Dark & Milk Squares http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ghirardelli-chocolate-squares-9.html Duofold Women's Mid-Weight Two-Layer Thermal #627A http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/duofold-women-s-mid-weight-two-layer-thermal-627a.html 6 ounce two-layer construction creates thermal barrier against cold. Flatlock seams to help avoid irritation. Rib cuffs for a secure fit. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/duofold-women-s-mid-weight-two-layer-thermal-627a.html Morning Glory Chocolate Seed http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/morning-glory-chocolate-seed.html Annual. Blooms summer to fall. 8'-10' vine. Soft chocolate rose-colored blooms have a white picotee edge. While it's not exactly like growing true chocolate in your garden, 'Chocolate' Morning Glory will give you deliciously beautiful flowers to cover an arbor, trellis, or fence! Charming in any setting, these silky stunning flowers are a unique twist on the old-fashioned colors. Just imagine them fluttering over an arbor or trellis, against the pale blue sky! A vigorous vine, its large flowers bloom in mid summer and last until frost. Despite the yummy name, bear in mind that all parts of this plant are poisonous. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/morning-glory-chocolate-seed.html Tamagotchi Connection V 4.5 Original Virtual Pet - Chocolate Argyle http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tamagotchi-connection-v-4.html Tamagotchi Connection V 4.5 Original Virtual Pet - Chocolate Argyle http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tamagotchi-connection-v-4.html 8GB MicroSD / MicroSDHC (TF) FOR LG VX8560 (Chocolate 3) 8 GB http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/8gb-microsd-microsdhc-tf-for-lg-vx8560-chocolate-3-8-gb.html 100% COMPATIBLE MEMORY for LG VX8560 (Chocolate 3) CAPACITY: 8GB http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/8gb-microsd-microsdhc-tf-for-lg-vx8560-chocolate-3-8-gb.html Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water [IMPORT] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-starfish-the-hot-dog-flavored-water-import.html UK version of the alternative rap/metal act's third album 'Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water'. Includes a seven track bonus CD featuring, 'Crushed', 'Faith', 'Counterfeit' (Lethal Dose Remix) and 'CD-ROM videos for 'Faith', 'Nookie', 'Re-Arranged' and 'N2Gether Now'. Limited edition release available for the first three months of release. 2000 release. Slimline double jewel case. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-starfish-the-hot-dog-flavored-water-import.html Chex Chocolate Cereal, 14.25-Ounce Box (Pack of 6) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chex-chocolate-cereal-14.html Chex Chocolate Cereals makes it easy to start your day the whole grain way! Whole grain provides plant nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber that work together to help keep you healthy. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chex-chocolate-cereal-14.html VonZipper Snark Men's Sportswear Sunglasses/Eyewear - Color: Chocolate Gloss/Bronze, Size: One Size Fits All http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/vonzipper-snark-men-s-sportswear-sunglasses-eyewear-color-chocolate-gloss-bronze-size-one-size-fits-all.html Some people put their heads in the sand, we prefer to stick our noses in the air! Especially when we snarkily go hunting for Snarks in Snarkville! Go Snark yourself. <br><br><ul><li> 100% UV Protection </li><li> Base 8 spherical lens </li><li> Impact resistant polycarbonate lens </li><li> Nylon grilamid frame </li><li> Stainless steel optical hinges </li></ul> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/vonzipper-snark-men-s-sportswear-sunglasses-eyewear-color-chocolate-gloss-bronze-size-one-size-fits-all.html Pentalic Illustrators Sketchbook, 8-Inch by 5-Inch, White Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pentalic-illustrators-sketchbook-8-inch-by-5-inch-white-chocolate.html Illustrator's sketchbooks are acid-free, cream colored, 45-pound (70grams per square meter) smooth surface paper is excellent for use with pencil, pen and ink, fine line or micron markers, ballpoint pens and technical pens. Each hand made hardbound book has 200 pages, an elastic closure, a ribbon marker and a pocket in the back. Signatures are sewn in; and books will lay flat so the artist can draw across the page. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pentalic-illustrators-sketchbook-8-inch-by-5-inch-white-chocolate.html Oscar Straus: The Chocolate Soldier [Rise Stevens, Robert Merrill, Jo Sullivan, Peter Palmer, Sadie McCollum, Michael Kermoyan, Eugene Morgan; Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Lehman Engel] (ON COMPACT DISC) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/oscar-straus-the-chocolate-soldier-rise-stevens-robert-merrill-jo-sullivan-peter-palmer-sadie-mccollum-michael-kermoyan-eugene-morgan-orchestra-and-chorus-conducted-by-lehman-engel-on-compact-disc.html On Sony/Arkiv Masterworks Broadway 81364; 1 CD; Here is the famous 1958 recording of Straus's delightful masterpiece starring Rise Stevens and Robert Merrill! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/oscar-straus-the-chocolate-soldier-rise-stevens-robert-merrill-jo-sullivan-peter-palmer-sadie-mccollum-michael-kermoyan-eugene-morgan-orchestra-and-chorus-conducted-by-lehman-engel-on-compact-disc.html Hi-Tec Men's Natal Mid WP Light Hiking Shoe http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-natal-mid-wp-light-hiking-shoe.html 40246-7-M Size: 7, Width: M (Standard) Natal Mid Waterproof Boot by Hi-Tec Features: -Men's Natal Mid Waterproof Boot in Dark Chocolate / Dark Taupe / Bombay. -Part of the Light Hiking collection. -Waterproof suede leather and mesh upper. -Rustproof brass hardware. -Toe and heel abrasion-resistance for protection. -Moisture-wicking lining, soft padded collar. -Comfort-tec contoured sockliner. -Board lasted with steel shank for added rigidity and support. -Durable carbon rubber MDT hiking outsole. -Available in Dark Chocolate / Dark Taupe / Bombay (40246). http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-natal-mid-wp-light-hiking-shoe.html 90 Chocolate Beauty Bell Pepper Seeds By Seed Needs http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/90-chocolate-beauty-bell-pepper-seeds-by-seed-needs.html If you have a vegetable garden, chances are you are growing a few pepper plants. In your grandma or grandpa's garden, there were sweet bell peppers, and then there were sweet bell peppers. My how times and taste buds have changed! Chances are, your garden has it's share of sweet bell peppers. But, you most likely have a variety of hot peppers, from Jalapenos, to Habeneros. American taste buds have awakened to Capsaicin (the stuff that makes hot peppers hot), using it in all sort of recipes. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/90-chocolate-beauty-bell-pepper-seeds-by-seed-needs.html 2 in 1 Combo LG Travel Charger + Car Charger. For LG Cell Phone Model - AX275 / AX380 / AX380 Wave / Chocolate KG800 / KG808 / MG800C / KG90 / EnV / Chocolate VX8500 / Chocolate VX8550 / CU575 Trax / KE800 / KE970 Shine / U970 Shine / KG320 / KG810 / LX15 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/dc-battery-adapter.html The Rapid Travel Charger is a compact and lightweight accessory. It is small enough to fit in a briefcase, purse or your pocket. There is no longer the need to carry around bulky charging units when traveling. The charger can be used as a convenient, secondary charger at home or office. A car charger will is included in the deal. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/dc-battery-adapter.html Chocolate Persimmon Seven Gallon http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-persimmon-seven-gallon.html Medium to small, elongated. Skin orange. Very tasty, sweet, brown flesh. Non astringent when ripe. Ripens late October to early November. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-persimmon-seven-gallon.html Modern Marvels: Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/modern-marvels-chocolate.html Modern Marvels: Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/modern-marvels-chocolate.html Chocolate (Choco Choco) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-choco-choco.html Chocolate (Choco Choco) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-choco-choco.html Nursery-To-Go Wooden Lamp Base in Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nursery-to-go-wooden-lamp-base-in-chocolate.html Brighten up baby's room with this lamp base. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nursery-to-go-wooden-lamp-base-in-chocolate.html I Wanna Get Chocolate Wasted! bumper sticker decal http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/i-wanna-get-chocolate-wasted-bumper-sticker-decal.html I Wanna Get Chocolate Wasted! bumper sticker decal http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/i-wanna-get-chocolate-wasted-bumper-sticker-decal.html Set of 2 Velvet Panels or 2 Scarves, Set of 2 scarves, Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/set-of-2-velvet-panels-or-2-scarves-set-of-2-scarves-chocolate.html SmartBargains Style #3040599034 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/set-of-2-velvet-panels-or-2-scarves-set-of-2-scarves-chocolate.html Rockport Men's Margin Oxford http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/rockport-men-s-margin-oxford.html The Rockport Margin casual shoe for men boasts classic style and comfort with a leather-lined and padded tongue and collar and a Strobel upper construction. A dual-density polyurethane outsole provides flexibility and long wear, while a steel shank offers added support. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/rockport-men-s-margin-oxford.html Ghirardelli Valentine's 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate Squares, 5.25-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ghirardelli-valentine-s-60-cacao-dark-chocolate-squares-5.html As with all of our premium chocolate products, we hand select the worlds finest cocoa beans to create our proprietary bean blend and roast them to perfection. Then we slow-blend in the purest ingredients such as real cocoa butter and natural vanilla, to achieve our award-winning distinctively intense chocolate. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/ghirardelli-valentine-s-60-cacao-dark-chocolate-squares-5.html Mary Meyer EarthMates, Fuzz That Wuzz 100% Recycled, Wee Pawzzzz Bear, Chocolate 8" http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/mary-meyer-earthmates-fuzz-that-wuzz-100-recycled-wee-pawzzzz-bear-chocolate-8.html Introducing Fuzz That Wuzz, turning plastic bottles into cuddly companions! This bear is 8", dark brown with tan markings and made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles. This toy kept over 10 bottles out of a landfill - Mary Meyer... it's a natural! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/mary-meyer-earthmates-fuzz-that-wuzz-100-recycled-wee-pawzzzz-bear-chocolate-8.html Atkins Ready To Drink Shake, Milk Chocolate Delight, 11-Ounce Aseptic Containers (Pack of 12) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/atkins-ready-to-drink-shake-milk-chocolate-delight-11-ounce-aseptic-containers-pack-of-12.html Delicious creamy milk chocolate flavor with the optimal mix of protein, low sugar, and essential vitamins and minerals. Nutrition Advantage Points: 15g protein, 4g fiber, 1g sugar, Excellent source of 24 vitamins and minerals, including Calcium, Antioxidants and B-vitamins, 160 calories, 0g sugar alcohols http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/atkins-ready-to-drink-shake-milk-chocolate-delight-11-ounce-aseptic-containers-pack-of-12.html Thinksound TS01 10mm Wooden Headphones (Black/Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/thinksound-ts01-10mm-wooden-headphones-black-chocolate.html In-ear 10mm high definition headphones with passive noise isolation. Features crisp highs, balanced mids and tuned for enhanced bass. Works with iPhone, iPod, MP3, CD, DVD, PSP and computers. Wooden housing for crisp, accurate music reproduction. Available in two beautiful finishes, Silver Cherry and Black Chocolate Passive noise cancellation minimizes ambient sounds. Ultra lightweight design with PVC-free, tangle-resistant cable. Dynamic driver features 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. 3.5mm gold plated plug for increased sound clarity. Four sized flexible silicon ear inserts for secure fit (s/m/l/xl). Cord clip and cotton carrying pouch included. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/thinksound-ts01-10mm-wooden-headphones-black-chocolate.html Chocolate Piel Leather Ladies Backpack http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-piel-leather-ladies-backpack.html Transport your belongings in a stylish and convenient bag, like the Piel Leather Ladies Backpack. Available in three trendy shades of leather, this backpack features multiple compartments and pockets to help keep you organized throughout your day. Carry the Ladies Backpack by handle or on your back for easy movement. Features: Backpack is available in saddle, black, and chocolate Backpack has a magnetic snap opening Backpack has a top zip main compartment Front pocket with cell phone compartment Back zip pocket Top handle Adjustable backpack straps Specifications: Overall dimensions: 10" H x 12" W x 4" D Weight: 3 lb http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-piel-leather-ladies-backpack.html Bedtime Originals Baby Zoo 4-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bedtime-originals-baby-zoo-4-piece-baby-crib-bedding-set-chocolate.html Baby Zoo 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set from Bedtime Originals by Lambs and Ivy. This nursery set includes a quilted comforter that can also double as a wall hanging, 4-sided crib bumper, fitted crib sheet and dust ruffle. Fits a crib with a standard size 28" x 52" crib mattress. Comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, and sheet are made from 100% cotton. Machine washable. Comes packaged in a clear vinyl zipper bag with carrying handles.<p>For over 25 years, Lambs and Ivy has been inspired by the knowledge that the nursery is the heart and soul of every new parent's home. Since then, their mission has been to enhance every baby's environment with their high quality, creative baby products. We are proud to say that they have set the standard not only for comfort, but safety in every nursery. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bedtime-originals-baby-zoo-4-piece-baby-crib-bedding-set-chocolate.html Cascadian Farms Organic Chewy Granola Bar, Chocolate Chip, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cascadian-farms-organic-chewy-granola-bar-chocolate-chip-6-count-boxes-pack-of-6.html Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scrumptious organic chocolate in this delicious chewy granola bar. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/cascadian-farms-organic-chewy-granola-bar-chocolate-chip-6-count-boxes-pack-of-6.html Nature's Best Low Carb Isopure, Dutch Chocolate, 3 Lb http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nature-s-best-low-carb-isopure-dutch-chocolate-3-lb.html Perfect. Zero carb. With 50 grams of 100% Ion exchange whey protein isolate. Nature's Best Perfect Zero Carb Isopure contains 50 grams of 100% ion exchange whey protein isolate. Any and all impurities typically found in most whey proteins have been removed to provide you with a great tasting, lactose free, glutamine enriched state of the art carbohydrate free protein supplement. Natures Best set out to create a product that didn't hide anything from its customers. We wanted you to know that you're purchasing the best product available on the market. Our protein source is clearly identified as 100% pure ion exchange whey protein isolate. We didn't try to confuse you by listing a protein blend that doesn't tell you how much of the product is superior whey protein isolate or some of the inferior protein source. Furthermore, Isopure contains 0 g of sugar and is instantized so it can be taken anywhere and mixed with a spoon. Isopure's Major Proteins Include: Beta-Iactoglobulin 55-62%, Alpha-Iactaalbumin 19-22%, Immunoglobulin 9-10%, Bovine Serum Albumin 6-8%, Lactoferrin .5-1%. In addition, Isopure is rich in branched chain amino acids and glutamine. Each Serving of Isopure Contains: 3465 mg of Isoleucine, 7865 mg of Leucine, 3080 mg of Valine, 4.6 g of L-Glutamine. Athletes tend to need more protein than sedentary individuals to achieve positive nitrogen balance. Most recommendations range from 1.5 -2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Isopure will help you achieve the positive nitrogen state you are seeking. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nature-s-best-low-carb-isopure-dutch-chocolate-3-lb.html Piel Large Leather Working Laptop Tote (Pastel Pink/Chocolate) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/piel-large-leather-working-laptop-tote-pastel-pink-chocolate.html Top zip opening to lined main compartment with inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket and detachable coin pouch. 31 long double strap. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/piel-large-leather-working-laptop-tote-pastel-pink-chocolate.html Pure Protein High Protein Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 6 Bars, 1.76 Ounces (Pack of 2) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pure-protein-high-protein-bar-chocolate-peanut-butter-6-bars-1.html Eat good. Look great. 20 g Protein. 0 g Trans fat. 2 g Sugar. Naturally & artificially flavored. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pure-protein-high-protein-bar-chocolate-peanut-butter-6-bars-1.html BOB 12-Inch Aluminum Wheel Stroller in Chocolate/Coffee http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bob-12-inch-aluminum-wheel-stroller-in-chocolate-coffee.html Cities are not stroller friendly... unless you have the BOB Revolution 12" AW! It's swiveling front wheel steers around the urban jungle's tight corners, through its crowded aisles, and into its cramped elevators with ease! Features: Tough welded frame Front wheels swivel for unmatched maneuverability Smaller, 12" front and back wheels takes up less space Fast, 2 step fold up design State-of-the-art suspension system 2 interior pockets 1 large seatback pocket Large cargo basket Full canopy Lock out front wheels Ultra padded seats Reclines up to 70 degrees from vertical - a 25 degree increase from previous models Weight capacity up to 70 lbs. Turn your safari down Main Street into a walk in the park! With its tough, quality construction, it's totally together, and built to stay that way! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bob-12-inch-aluminum-wheel-stroller-in-chocolate-coffee.html Chocolate Whipstick Lip Balm by LUSH http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-whipstick-lip-balm-by-lush.html A gorgeous chocolate lip balm whipped up to a perfectly smooth consistency. Pucker up and smooth on this oat infused, honey and Shea butter lip balm to moisturize and soften your lips. Let's not forget the chocolate and vanilla absolute that make your lips irresistibly tasty. This is a balm too delicious to keep to yourself be sure to give everyone you love a nice kiss so they can taste it too, just remember to lock it up unless you want it stolen! Note: This product may melt and is NOT guaranteed to arrive solid during the summer months! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-whipstick-lip-balm-by-lush.html SOLO Studio Collection MacBook and MacBook Pro Fleece-Lined Sleeve for 13 Inch MacBooks, in Chocolate Brown, APL119-3 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/solo-studio-collection-macbook-and-macbook-pro-fleece-lined-sleeve-for-13-inch-macbooks-in-chocolate-brown-apl119-3.html Its streamlined look makes a statement thats perfectly contemporary and professional. For the right balance of sensibility and minimalism that is sure to make the right impression, SOLO Studio is your collection. Fleece lined main compartment protects a 13 inch MacBook or MacBook Pro and a front zippered organizer offers additional storage to carry your small accessories. Made of durable nylon jacquard. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/solo-studio-collection-macbook-and-macbook-pro-fleece-lined-sleeve-for-13-inch-macbooks-in-chocolate-brown-apl119-3.html Bridgedale Lo Socks http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bridgedale-lo-socks.html An ankle height sock featuring Viscose from bamboo yarn to keep feet feeling fresh all day. These socks have luxurious silk-like comfort against the skin while COOLMAX wicks moisture away for lasting dryness. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bridgedale-lo-socks.html Trudeau Xpress Ceramic Tumbler, Chocolate Colored Lid and Grip http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/trudeau-xpress-ceramic-tumbler-chocolate-colored-lid-and-grip.html Coffee, tea or hot chocolate stay hotter longer in the Trudeau Xpress Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler. The trendy cup has a comfortable, silicone removable lid. It keeps 10-ounces of a hot beverage in reach. Five year warranty. By Trudeau a company that develops visionary products. Add an exciting flavor to your day, with Trudeau. Style eloquence, innovation Trudeau letting you savor life's little moments http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/trudeau-xpress-ceramic-tumbler-chocolate-colored-lid-and-grip.html Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-and-cocoa-recipes-and-home-made-candy-recipes.html Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Janet McKenzie Hill is in the English language. If you enjoy the works of Janet McKenzie Hill then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-and-cocoa-recipes-and-home-made-candy-recipes.html Bedtime Originals Baby Zoo Musical Mobile - Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bedtime-originals-baby-zoo-musical-mobile-chocolate.html Baby Zoo Musical Mobile from Bedtime Originals by Lambs and Ivy. Mobile features an alligator, giraffe, a monkey riding and elephant and a monkey riding a zebra, suspended from a fabric canopy.<p>For over 25 years, Lambs and Ivy has been inspired by the knowledge that the nursery is the heart and soul of every new parent's home. Since then, their mission has been to enhance every baby's environment with their high quality, creative baby products. We are proud to say that they have set the standard not only for comfort, but safety in every nursery. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/bedtime-originals-baby-zoo-musical-mobile-chocolate.html Endangered Species Black Panther, Extreme Dark Chocolate (88%), 3-Ounce Bars (Pack of 12) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/endangered-species-black-panther-extreme-dark-chocolate-88-3-ounce-bars-pack-of-12.html Endangered Species Chocolate All-Natural Panther Bar - Extreme Dark Chocolate (88% Cocoa Content) This 3oz. dark chocolate bar is made with all-natural, shade-grown, ethically traded, single-origin extreme dark chocolate. At 88% cocoa content, it is one o http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/endangered-species-black-panther-extreme-dark-chocolate-88-3-ounce-bars-pack-of-12.html Love's Serenade: Original Recordings, 1939-1947 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/love-s-serenade-original-recordings-1939-1947.html Love's Serenade: Original Recordings, 1939-1947 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/love-s-serenade-original-recordings-1939-1947.html Hershey's Milk Chocolate Lip Balm http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hershey-s-milk-chocolate-lip-balm.html Hershey Milk Chocolate Lip Balm.15 oz http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hershey-s-milk-chocolate-lip-balm.html FitFlop Women's Gogh Clog http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fitflop-women-s-gogh-clog.html Its a FitFlop with a roof on top. Introducing The Gogh. Named for the prolific painting Dutchman whose countrymen most-likely wore clogs, you only have to slide a foot in to realize they are a masterpiece. A wintertime must-have for FitFlop fanatics everywhere, featuring water repellent DuPont treated suede, a no-skid rubber outsole and our leg-toning Microwobbleboard midsole.Put on a pair. And then get up and Gogh! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fitflop-women-s-gogh-clog.html Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/models-don-t-eat-chocolate-cookies.html Thirteen-year-old Celeste Harris is no string bean, but comfy sweatpants and a daily chocolate cookie suit her just fine. Her under-the-radar lifestyle could have continued too, if her aunt hadn-t entered her in the HuskyPeach Modeling Challenge. To get out of it, she-s forced to launch Operation Skinny Celeste-because, after all, a thin girl can-t be a fat model! What Celeste never imagined was that losing weight would help her gain a backbone . . . or that all she needed to shine was a spotlight.<p> A hilarious debut featuring friendship, family, mean girls and even celebrity crushes, Celeste-s story is a delicious treat that doesn-t add a pound. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/models-don-t-eat-chocolate-cookies.html Kashi TLC Fruit & Grain Bar, Dark Chocolate Coconut, 6-Count Bars (Pack of 6) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/kashi-tlc-fruit-grain-bar-dark-chocolate-coconut-6-count-bars-pack-of-6.html Introducing the latest addition to the TLC family of snacks - TLC, Tasty Little Chewies Fruit & Grain Bars, a delightfully delicious layered granola bar. Theyre made with our signature blend of rolled Seven Whole Grain chewy granola for hearty, natural goodness you can see and taste, a thick layer of real, soft fruit and hearty nuts. And with 4g of Fiber, 4g of Protein and real fruit, theyre as nourishing as they are tasty. Of course, our TLC Fruit & Grain bars are filled with so many tasty goodies, you wont miss high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives we promise. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/kashi-tlc-fruit-grain-bar-dark-chocolate-coconut-6-count-bars-pack-of-6.html Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Square Mold http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/silikomart-silicone-chocolate-square-mold.html Make your chocolates look as good as they taste with the Silikomart Chocolate mold. Mold is durable and versatile; it can be used for cooking in a traditional oven or microwave or freezing. It can, in fact, take temperatures as low as-76 degrees F (-60 C) to as high as 446 degrees F (230 C) and can go straight from the freezer to the oven. Flexible with deep cavity and easy to use. Great for making chocolates, butter or ice. Mold can be washed either with hot water or in the dishwasher. By Silikomart. Approximately, cups measure 1.57 by 1.18 by 0.47-inch. Made in Italy. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/silikomart-silicone-chocolate-square-mold.html Assorted Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (1 Pound Bag) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/assorted-chocolate-covered-sunflower-seeds-1-pound-bag.html Assorted Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (1 Pound Bag)from Superior Nut Company. Superior was founded over 80 years ago on the premise of fresh quality nuts, dried fruits and chocolates served locally. Although our third generation business has grown over the years and our business is now coast to coast; our philosophy has not changed, serving the freshest savory snacks will always remain our top priority. We welcome you and we are sure that you will be delighted with our amazing products. We truly appreciate your business. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/assorted-chocolate-covered-sunflower-seeds-1-pound-bag.html The Everything Kids' Cookbook: From mac n cheese to double chocolate chip cookies - 90 recipes to have some finger-lickin fun (Everything Kids Series) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/the-everything-kids-cookbook-from-mac-n-cheese-to-double-chocolate-chip-cookies-90-recipes-to-have-some-finger-lickin-fun-everything-kids-series.html Kids love helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen and whipping up meals for family and friends, and this updated edition teaches kids the basics about cooking, kitchen safety, and nutrition, while offering recipes for a Just Peachy Smoothie, Bite-Sized Blueberry Pancakes, Poppin? Popovers, Take-Along Trail Mix, and more! With 30 delicious food-themed puzzles, kids will have fun both in and out of the kitchen. Written by a certified dietician, this creative cookbook gives kids the know-how and tools they need to become young chefs in the making! This edition features completely new material, including approximately 90 new recipes for all three meals of the day, as well as delicious drinks and desserts, the revised Food Pyramid, and approximately 30 puzzles! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/the-everything-kids-cookbook-from-mac-n-cheese-to-double-chocolate-chip-cookies-90-recipes-to-have-some-finger-lickin-fun-everything-kids-series.html 10k Pink Gold Chocolate Pearl Necklace http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/10k-pink-gold-chocolate-pearl-necklace.html 10k Pink Gold Chocolate Pearl Necklace http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/10k-pink-gold-chocolate-pearl-necklace.html Chocolate & Cheese (US Release) [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-cheese-us-release-explicit.html Chocolate & Cheese (US Release) [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-cheese-us-release-explicit.html My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Chocolate, 0-12 Months http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/my-brest-friend-deluxe-nursing-pillow-chocolate-0-12-months.html 14506 Features: -Nursing pillow. -Color: Chocolate. -Extra soft baby-plush fabric. -Wrap around design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on. -Back rest helps you maintain good posture during feeding and prevents sore back and neck. -Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling. -Adjustable, silent-release strap fits Moms or Dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby. -Arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress. -Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, phone and other items within reach. -Double-featured strap with Velcro and silent-release buckle for easy, one-hand use. -Slipcover stays fresh through dozens of washes. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/my-brest-friend-deluxe-nursing-pillow-chocolate-0-12-months.html Chocolate City [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-city-vhs.html Chocolate City [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-city-vhs.html Rita Hunter in Concert http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/rita-hunter-in-concert.html Rita Hunter in Concert http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/rita-hunter-in-concert.html Carnival Womens Laser Bra http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carnival-womens-laser-bra.html Molded to the body like a second skin this bra is completely seam-free. innovative design and engineering married comfort with contemporary style. hidden underwires provide the ultimate in invisibility. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carnival-womens-laser-bra.html Grovana Men's 1201.1536 Traditional Quartz Chocolate Dial Watch http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/grovana-men-s-1201.html Grovana Men's 1201.1536 Traditional Quartz Chocolate Dial Watch http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/grovana-men-s-1201.html WILLY WONKA CHARLIE CHOCOLATE FACTORY HAT PURPLE FELT SOFT HAT SHIPS FOLDED LIGHTWEIGHT NICE FOR HALLOWEEN PLAYS UNEXPENSIVE KID FRIENDLY, WE SHIP FAST http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-charlie-chocolate-factory-hat-purple-felt-soft-hat-ships-folded-lightweight-nice-for-halloween-plays-unexpensive-kid-friendly-we-ship-fast.html PURPLE TOP SOFT HAT WONKA CHOCOLATE FACTORY HAT LIGHTWEIGHT FITS MOST IT WILL SHIP FOLDED PERFECT FOR PLAYS, SCHOOL, HALLOWEEN, PARTIES AND MORE http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/willy-wonka-charlie-chocolate-factory-hat-purple-felt-soft-hat-ships-folded-lightweight-nice-for-halloween-plays-unexpensive-kid-friendly-we-ship-fast.html Hi-Tec Little Kid/Big Kid Altitude IV WP Jr Hiking Boot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-little-kid-big-kid-altitude-iv-wp-jr-hiking-boot.html Get true hiker stability and function at a ROCK-BOTTOM PRICE! You don't have to go broke buying quality hikers! Hi-Tec Altitude IV Hikers pack 31 years of footwear knowledge into a functional boot you'd pay over $75.00 for from nearly any other shoe maker. Look at all you get: Waterproof nubuck leather upper with sealed seams; Lightweight compression molded EVA midsole; Durable, high-traction carbon rubber outsole; Board lasted with steel shank for added rigidity; Dri-Lex moisture wicking lining; Removable, contoured footbed; Soft padded leather collar and fully-gussetted leather tongue; Rustproof brass hardware: 6 D-loop lacing; Each approx. 5" h., 14 ozs. Big features, small price. State Size and Color. Order ONLINE Today! Kids' Hi-Tec Altitude IV Jr. Hikers http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-little-kid-big-kid-altitude-iv-wp-jr-hiking-boot.html 6-7mm Cultured FW Chocolate and White Pearl Elastic Bracelet in Sterling Silver http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/6-7mm-cultured-fw-chocolate-and-white-pearl-elastic-bracelet-in-sterling-silver.html Shimmering with off-round white and brown freshwater pearls (6-7mm, grade AAA), this 7-inch elastic style bracelet is accented with sterling silver beads. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/6-7mm-cultured-fw-chocolate-and-white-pearl-elastic-bracelet-in-sterling-silver.html Calvin Klein Men's Dress Socks 3-Pack Hosiery http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/calvin-klein-men-s-dress-socks-3-pack-hosiery.html Calvin Klein Style A91116. Mid-calf length dress socks. Stretch cotton. 11 inches (from heel to top). Calvin Klein logo on sole. Convenient multi-pack. Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/calvin-klein-men-s-dress-socks-3-pack-hosiery.html Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement [VHS] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/daffy-duck-s-easter-egg-citement-vhs.html Egg-xactly what a cartoon fan needs! His Daffiness is as batty as ever in this crazy salute to spring unsprung. Year: 1980 Director: Friz Freleng Starring: Daffy Duck http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/daffy-duck-s-easter-egg-citement-vhs.html Carol's Daughter Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub 12 oz http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carol-s-daughter-sweet-honey-dip-chocolate-brown-sugah-scrub-12-oz.html What it is:A body exfoliant infused with real brown sugar crystals and natural, aromatic oils.What it does:Carol's Daughter SweetHoneyDip ChocolateBrownSugah Scrub instantly polishes away dead skin cells while leaving skin hydrated, soft, and simply radiant.What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals- Phthalates- GMO- TriclosanWhat else you need to know:Real brown sugar exfoliates dead skin cells, cleanses pores, and moisturizes. Evening primrose and olive oils rejuvenate and hydrate with natural antioxidants. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carol-s-daughter-sweet-honey-dip-chocolate-brown-sugah-scrub-12-oz.html Carter's Monkey Bars Wall Decals, Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carter-s-monkey-bars-wall-decals-chocolate.html The Monkey Bars Wall Decals contains four 9.8" x 17.5" sheets of various sized stickers. They have self-stick adhesive that won't harm walls. The decals are removable and reusable. Just peel and stick. Hanging instructions are included. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carter-s-monkey-bars-wall-decals-chocolate.html Colorful Polka Dots Wall Stickers / Decals / Appliques, Chocolate Brown http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/colorful-polka-dots-wall-stickers-decals-appliques-chocolate-brown.html Our designs are made of a high quality vinyl designed to be removable without any glue or residue. Do not be fooled by the less expensive outdoor vinyl that is a made with a permanent adhesive! Ones that say outdoor vinyl are a permanent adhesive and will most likely leave damage to your walls when you want to remove them. Our peel and stick material that is durable, washable, repositionable and totally removable. These can be repositioned multiple times without losing adhesive strength, and they leave NO sticky residue on the surface after removal. These are not just for walls. They can also be applied to furniture and smooth ceilings, and can be used for a variety of craft or party decorating projects. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/colorful-polka-dots-wall-stickers-decals-appliques-chocolate-brown.html "Yeah Right!" and "Hot Chocolate" Scores [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/yeah-right-and-hot-chocolate-scores-explicit.html "Yeah Right!" and "Hot Chocolate" Scores [Explicit] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/yeah-right-and-hot-chocolate-scores-explicit.html Alpinestars Drift Men's Leather On-Road Motorcycle Jacket - Color: Chocolate/Sand, Size: 50 http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/alpinestars-drift-men-s-leather-on-road-motorcycle-jacket-color-chocolate-sand-size-50.html <ul><li> 1.1mm full-grain distressed leather with a vintage finish </li><li> Fixed high-quality satin liner for a soft, comfortable feel </li><li> Removable CE-certified Bio Armor elbow and shoulder protectors </li><li> Check and back compartments with PE padding </li><li> Built-in comfort padding at the elbows </li><li> Two external pockets with fleece lining, one Napoleon pocket and three flat internal pockets </li><li> Micro-fleece lined collar and wrists </li><li> Wrist and waist expansion zippers </li><li> Large expansion gussets around the back of the shoulders for mobility </li><li> Two top air intakes with zippered closures </li><li> Air vents around the armpits </li><li> Waist connection zipper </li><li> Leather-ribbed lower edge </li><li> Smart neck snaps </li><li> Styling details include custom Astar buttons, bronze finished zippers with leather pullers and laser-etched front and back logos </li><li> 2010 Model </li></ul> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/alpinestars-drift-men-s-leather-on-road-motorcycle-jacket-color-chocolate-sand-size-50.html Markings by C.R. Gibson Italian Leatherette Brown Padfolio, Brown/Chocolate (MLLP-8474OS) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/markings-by-c-r.html Think.Create.Record. Italian Leatherette Stitched Padfolio - Brown with Chocolate Spine. Includes a 40 sheet letter-sized perforated writing pad, interior pocket and business card holder. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/markings-by-c-r.html Brazilian Hair Treatment Chocolate Triple Action(Cocoa Butter,Keratin and Sil... http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/brazilian-hair-treatment-chocolate-triple-action-cocoa-butter-keratin-and-sil.html A powerful hair treatment hydrates,moisturizes reconstructs and repairs split ends.DIRECTIONS:After washing hair apply and leave for 15 minutes,rinse. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/brazilian-hair-treatment-chocolate-triple-action-cocoa-butter-keratin-and-sil.html Got Chocolate? http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/got-chocolate.html Brown bumper sticker with white border and writing. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/got-chocolate.html Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/maida-heatter-s-book-of-great-chocolate-desserts.html Maida Heatter is a genius--and an absolute delight! . . . Her style is friendly and funny, thorough and exacting. Maida tells you what size egg to use and she does so to guarantee success." --Foodies.com, which named Maida its "First Culinary Patriot"<P>Chocoholics unite! Maida's back and bringing the world's best chocolate recipes with her. Maida, of course, is Maida Heatter, sorceress supreme of all things chocolate. Now cocoa aficionados, food fiends, and master chefs everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief as <I>Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts</i>, the classic <I>New York Times</i> best-seller, returns after ten years out of print.<P>Maida is justifiably famous for her respected series of cookbooks, ranging from <I>Maida Heatter's Book of Great Desserts</i> to <I>Maida Heatter's Brand-New Book of Great Cookies</i>. But it was always her <I>Book of Great Chocolate Desserts</i> that inspired the highest praise, admiration, and following from home and restaurant dessert cooks around the world. Chocolate creators know they can turn to Maida for tantalizing confections, cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, and sauces that transcend the ordinary and make for memorable dining experiences.<P> This jacketed hardcover includes all the original Maida recipes that have become favorites, along with changes and updates from the dessert doyenne herself. Those who have worn out, shared as a gift, or misplaced their original version--or who want to replace their later paperback edition--will welcome this book, as will anyone who enjoys cooking with and eating chocolate. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/maida-heatter-s-book-of-great-chocolate-desserts.html Plush Large Bashful Chocolate Bunny 15" http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/plush-large-bashful-chocolate-bunny-15.html Hare today, gone to cuddle - this soft, cuddly plush toy will be your youngster's new favorite. Designed in England. Made of polyester and plastic pellet fill. Spot clean with a damp cloth. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/plush-large-bashful-chocolate-bunny-15.html Zaharra Three Piece Scoop Basket Set with Zebra Lining in Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/zaharra-three-piece-scoop-basket-set-with-zebra-lining-in-chocolate.html WL5860132 Features: -Set includes one small, medium and large basket. -Zaharra collection. -Chocolate finish. -Zebra print liner on natural willow material. -Scoop shape. -Large basket dimensions: 15.25'' H x 15.25'' W x 9.5'' D. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/zaharra-three-piece-scoop-basket-set-with-zebra-lining-in-chocolate.html Carrera Aster 1/S Women's Fashion Sunglasses - Color: Chocolate Orange/Brown Gray Gradient http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carrera-aster-1-s-women-s-fashion-sunglasses-color-chocolate-orange-brown-gray-gradient.html <ul><li>Front frame material: Acetate</li><li>Temple material: Acetate</li><li>Joint: No Flex</li><li>Aster 1/S Women's Sunglasses from Carrera</li><li>Sunglasses from Carrera</li><li>Carrera branded sunglasses, shades, glasses</li></ul> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/carrera-aster-1-s-women-s-fashion-sunglasses-color-chocolate-orange-brown-gray-gradient.html Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers, 2 Pack, Blue/Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/go-mama-go-designs-wonder-bumpers-2-pack-blue-chocolate.html 718122808779 Features: -Wonder bumpers. -Baby Basics Collection. -Includes 2 bumpers. -Color: Blue and Chocolate. -Increases air flow, reducing the risk of SIDS. -Protect your baby's body as they learn to sit, crawl and stand. -Sleek design inhibits babies from climbing out. -Fit on both round and flat rails. -One individual bumper is 6'' in width and will fit on rails 3''. -Wonder Bumpers are also designed so you can zip 2 together for larger rails over 2.5''. -Each bumper is 24'' long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails. -Safety and style for any room. -Award winning design: 2008 NAPPA Gold Winner, 2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Award. -60 Days manufacturer's warranty. -No assembly required. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/go-mama-go-designs-wonder-bumpers-2-pack-blue-chocolate.html 106 Chocolate Brown & Light Pink Vinyl Polka Dots Wall Decor Decals Stickers http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/106-chocolate-brown-light-pink-vinyl-polka-dots-wall-decor-decals-stickers.html Our Polka Dots give a room or space that unique style needed at a fraction of the cost. Easy for anyone to apply. These are not just for walls - apply them to glass, mirrors, and more. (Will not stick to brick, concrete, or stucco). You get the following quantities & sizes:12 - 5.5" (6 in color A, 6 in color B)20 - 2.75" (10 in color A, 10 in color B)22 - 1.75" (11 in color A, 11 in color B)46 - 1" (23 in color A, 23 in color B) & 6 - 1.5" (3 in color A, 3 in color B) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/106-chocolate-brown-light-pink-vinyl-polka-dots-wall-decor-decals-stickers.html Hi-Tec Men's Altitude Ultra Light Hiking Boot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-altitude-ultra-light-hiking-boot.html 40094-Dark Chocolate/Lite Taupe-7M Size: 7, Width: M (Standard) Specialty Sizes Available! Men's Sport Shoes by Hi-Tec Be ready for anything in the hiking boot from Hi-Tec. It is a great way to get the whole family together out on the trail--with matching shoes! Features: -Men's Altitude Ultra Waterproof in Dark Chocolate / Lite Taupe. -Part of the Light Hiking collection. -Waterproof nubuck leather upper. -Ion-mask waterproof technology. -Fully gusseted leather tongue. -Soft padded leather collar. -Moisture-wicking lining. -Rustproof hardware. -Stabila-Flex contoured bi-fit board for support without the weight. -Lightweight compression-molded Eva midsole. -Exclusive Vibram outsole. -Comfort-Tec contoured sock liner. -Available in Dark Chocolate / Lite Taupe (40094). Specifications http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hi-tec-men-s-altitude-ultra-light-hiking-boot.html Sterling Silver 8x8.5mm Chocolate Freshwater Cultured Pearl Button Stud Earrings http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/sterling-silver-8x8.html A pair of pearl stud earrings looks sophisticated in any setting. These button pearl studs showcase 8-8.5mm chocolate freshwater cultured pearls, featured on posts with clutch backings, both made from 925 sterling silver. Their warm bronze color is very alluring, and their flattering button shape maximizes their surface area for a radiant glow. Simple, versatile, and always in style, these earrings are a fine addition to your collection. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/sterling-silver-8x8.html Scratch & Sniff Chocolate Scented Stickers For Kids http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/scratch-sniff-chocolate-scented-stickers-for-kids.html Scratch & Sniff Chocolate Scented StickersPackage of 40 acid free, Scratch & Sniff StickersChocolate food themeScratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet Size: 7.125"x4" http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/scratch-sniff-chocolate-scented-stickers-for-kids.html Café Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa 5 Boxes of 24 K-Cups http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/caf-escapes-dark-chocolate-hot-cocoa-5-boxes-of-24-k-cups.html An elegant and satisfying dark chocolate experience, with rich European sophistication. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa intensity at the touch of a button! Developed expressly for your Keurig Brewer. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/caf-escapes-dark-chocolate-hot-cocoa-5-boxes-of-24-k-cups.html Zutano Fleece Hat http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/zutano-fleece-hat.html Made of soft sherpa fabric, this cozy little hat has an interlock band to seal in the warmth. Extra-credit cuteness is added thanks to the inset "ears." </br></br><b>Why it's a giggle pick:</b> Zutano's baby accessories are the perfect blend of style, quality, and value.</br></br>Click here for more <b>product details</b>. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/zutano-fleece-hat.html Two Dogs Designs Chaise Lounge Cover, Chocolate Brown http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/two-dogs-designs-chaise-lounge-cover-chocolate-brown.html Chaise cover http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/two-dogs-designs-chaise-lounge-cover-chocolate-brown.html Flora Superior Series, Self Adhesive Album, Chocolate Window Cover with Black Pages, 10 Page Capacity Holds 20 8" x 8" Photos. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/flora-superior-series-self-adhesive-album-chocolate-window-cover-with-black-pages-10-page-capacity-holds-20-8-x-8-photos.html This album has a bonded leather cover. Each easy-to-load page has pressure sensitve adhesive to hold the print http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/flora-superior-series-self-adhesive-album-chocolate-window-cover-with-black-pages-10-page-capacity-holds-20-8-x-8-photos.html LEE Filters Chocolate 5 - Filter - graduated color soft - chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lee-filters-chocolate-5-filter-graduated-color-soft-chocolate.html A series of Chocolate colored filters that are used to add dramatic effects. The graduation from color to clear combined with the movement of the Lee filter systems allow the positioning of the color effect on any portion of the photograph. Available in varying strengths from Chocolate #1 (mildest) to Chocolate #5 (strongest) and in soft graduated or, hard graduated edges http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/lee-filters-chocolate-5-filter-graduated-color-soft-chocolate.html Chocolate Chip Cookie Wallet http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-chip-cookie-wallet.html <b>Chocolate Chip Cookie Wallet</b> <p>Store your belongings in a yummy shaped pocket! Perfect for lose change, lunch money,laundry change or accessories. Great gift for cookie lovers of all ages. Unique gift idea. Buy more than 1 - make a great gift under $6!<p> Dimensions: 4.5" Diameter<br> Zipper Closure<br> Looks fresh baked! http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-chip-cookie-wallet.html Glucerna Shake Rich Chocolate, 8 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/glucerna-shake-rich-chocolate-8-ounce-bottles-pack-of-24.html Taste the improved recipe in the shake that is specially formulated to help you meet American Diabetes Association Nutrition Recommendations for: protein, saturated and trans fats, and types of low-glycemic carbohydrates. Enjoy the shake that may help you lower A1C levels. Pick up the go - anywhere bottle that lets you drink Glucerna Shakes on the go. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/glucerna-shake-rich-chocolate-8-ounce-bottles-pack-of-24.html Hanes Men's Premium Cotton Fleece Crew 9 oz http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hanes-men-s-premium-cotton-fleece-crew-9-oz.html Features: Preshrunk to eliminate shrinkage. Higher stitch density gives superior embroidery and print platform. Pill resistant, 100% cotton face. Roomy and relaxed fit. Double-needle cover seamed neck, armholes and waistband. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/hanes-men-s-premium-cotton-fleece-crew-9-oz.html Special K Protein Meal Bar, Double Chocolate, 6-Count Bars (Pack of 3) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/special-k-protein-meal-bar-double-chocolate-6-count-bars-pack-of-3.html Double Chocolate Special K Protein Meal Bars are a convenient way to resist temptations because you'll feel fuller longer. With 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, a deliciously decadent chocolate flavor, choclolatey chips, crisp-crunchy rice, and a rich chocolatey coating, you'll enjoy every bite as you manage your shape. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/special-k-protein-meal-bar-double-chocolate-6-count-bars-pack-of-3.html Pure Protein High Protein Bar, Chocolate Deluxe, 6 Bars, 1.76 Ounces (Pack of 2) http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pure-protein-high-protein-bar-chocolate-deluxe-6-bars-1.html Eat good. Look great. 20 g Protein; 0 g trans fat; 0 g sugar. Naturally and artificially flavored. Get a dose of good taste with a Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar. This deliciously sinful protein bar is pure high protein indulgence that gives you 20g of http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/pure-protein-high-protein-bar-chocolate-deluxe-6-bars-1.html Chocolate Calculator [Office Product] http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-calculator-office-product.html Check out this sweet gift idea.It'll crunch numbers, but don't try to crunch it back !This awesome calculator looks just like the real thing, and best of all, the chocolate won't melt in your hands. Did we mention it's also Chocolate Scented ? 'Nuff said. Measures 2.5" H x 4.5" W Comes wrapped in foil and paper, just like a real bar of chocolate Mouthwatering chocolate scent Solar powered, no batteries required Perfectly sized for handbags, glove compartments and desk drawers A great gift for your favorite math-challenged chocoholic http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/chocolate-calculator-office-product.html FitFlop Women's Gogh Shearling Clog http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fitflop-women-s-gogh-shearling-clog.html FitFlop is famous for those sandals that tone legs and glutes while you walk, and theyve stepped up their style game with the hottest silhouette of the season now you can wear the hot clog trend and improve your fitness at the same time. Soft suede forms the Gogh's upper, while cozy and warm shearling lines the interior. Microwobbleboard midsoles keep your muscles working with every step. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/fitflop-women-s-gogh-shearling-clog.html Romantic Broadway http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/romantic-broadway.html Romantic Broadway http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/romantic-broadway.html TKKG: Deadly Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tkkg-deadly-chocolate.html Tiger, Kevin, Katy, and Grunter are the TKKG gang, a group of crime-solving British teenagers. Using their favorite gelati store as a base of operations, this intrepid quartet sifts through clues and examines suspects, all in service of bringing evildoers to justice. Their current mystery strikes close to home--someone is blackmailing Grunter's father, threatening to poison the chocolate his factory produces unless he pays out an enormous sum of money.<p><I>Deadly Chocolate</I> allows players to join the TKKG gang, touring the young detectives through a number of sites in the city and gathering information about the crime. Coming face to face with all the prime suspects, as well as incidental and expert witnesses, players are given an opportunity to ask each individual one of two questions. Choosing questions carefully is key to advancing the story and unlocking the puzzle. Fortunately, each of the TKKG teens can visit a suspect individually, maximizing the opportunities to gather clues and critical data.<p>TKKG mystery games are aimed at players ages 8 and older who are interested in mysteries and enjoy having active play interrupted by medium-length animated sequences. <I>Deadly Chocolate</I> leans much closer to the interactive book end of the game spectrum than, say, the action-adventure end. There is a great deal of emphasis on the characters of the four young detectives, their relationships with the witnesses, and the unfolding blackmail story. Patience, observation skills, and deductive reasoning are the keys to saving the day.<p><I>Deadly Chocolate</I> has educational moments too, giving players insight into the processes by which chocolates are made, as well as information about drugs and poisons. Its primary focus, though, is the same as the TKKG gang's--solving the crime.<p>Can you identify the blackmailer, or will he poison the chocolates and push Grunter's family over the brink to financial ruin? <I>--Alyx Dellamonica</I> http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/tkkg-deadly-chocolate.html Caterpillar Women's Carlie Steel Toe Boot http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/caterpillar-women-s-carlie-steel-toe-boot.html Get work-boot durability and stability build with athletic shoe comfort! Plenty of work boots out there. But the Cat Carlie features iTechnology, the integration of workboot durability and athletic shoe comfort. A shoe system designed for all day, everyday. Details: Full-grain leather upper flexes with every steps, puts up with hard work and job site abuse; Moisture-wicking nylon mesh and soft suede lining; Ortholite padded orthotic insole with anti-bacterial treatment for "stink resistance"; Oil, heat, slip and abrasion resistant outsole; 6 D-loop lacing; ANSI Class 75 steel toe for on-the-job safety; Electrical hazard construction is ANSI approved protection against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions; Approx. 5" tall and 18 1/2 ozs. A work boot that's actually comfortable! State Size and Width. Order ONLINE Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Same Boots in Non-Steel Toe - word search in our Store for 'Cat Carlie Boots'. Ladies' Cat Carlie Steel Toe Boot, Chocolate http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/caterpillar-women-s-carlie-steel-toe-boot.html Nutcracker Suite for Guitar http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nutcracker-suite-for-guitar.html This CD was Stevan Pasero's first recording in his notable career and it features the first-ever transcriptions of Tchaikovsky's ageless ballet including March of the Wooden Soldiers, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Dance of the Reed Flutes, Waltz of the Flowers and more. To say it simply, when this ground breaking transcription by Stevan Pasero was originally released in 1985, it inspired guitarists worldwide to look at their guitar repertoire and concert performances in a different way. From 1983-1985, Mr. Pasero transcribed this timeless work from full symphony score to solo and duet guitar. He then toured and performed his Nutcracker transcription internationally with critical acclaim. It soon became a holiday standard for households around the globe and subsequently sold hundreds of thousands of albums, cassettes and, soon to be, compact discs. It will forever be remembered as one of the truly great transcriptions for classical guitar. ARTIST NOTES: Stevan Pasero is known worldwide as one of the most influential and versatile guitarists/composers of the past decade. Guitar aficionados love him, fans around the world are loyal to his music, critics praise his musicianship, while his recordings have sold millions. Mr. Pasero is featured on numerous recordings, has transcribed over 30 major symphonic works, produced more than 250 studio recordings and has composed well over 1000 pieces for solo and ensemble. http://www.chocolatesfunstore.com/nutcracker-suite-for-guitar.html